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Vegan Banana Bread

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Do you have bananas in the house that are screaming to be consumed asap? That is what lead us to go search for a simple banana bread recipe that we could make so our bananas don’t end up going to waste. To make things more interesting, we searched for a vegan recipe and found one that looked simple enough to make and didn’t require us to go purchase any ingredients we didn’t already have in the house.  

The recipe was really simple to follow, and the results were absolutely amazing, from the look to the taste. We followed the recipe as is and added the cinnamon from the optional tasty add-ins, we love us some cinnamon. The vegan banana bread was a hit, it was moist and so tasty, it’s definitely worth making even if you go out to purchase bananas specifically to make this vegan banana bread. 

If you try out this vegan banana bread, let us know by tagging @selfcareglobe and #SelfCarePlug on the socials and don’t forget to tag the creator of this amazing recipe @thesimpleveganista and #thesimpleveganista to show your appreciation for their creation. Find the recipe on the creators website by clicking here.

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